November 1, 2021

A top-tier tech recruiter has launched a $1,000-per-hour online program for aspiring tech job seekers that promises a path to a “million dollar” tech job.

The Bootcamp website says it has recruited more than 1,000 candidates who have completed the online bootcamp and will be trained in “how to become a top tech recruitor.”

It promises that they can “create a network of people who are willing to share their expertise and help you build your business.”

Those who have already completed the bootcamp will receive a monthly salary of $1.2 million.

The company said the bootcamps have been held in cities including Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco.

It said the program is open to anyone who wants to “create and lead an online network of like-minded people that will grow your business and grow your skills.”

In addition to the boot camp, the site offers a number of other programs, including an online coding bootcamp, a “game design” course, a web development course, and a “content management” course.

It is unclear if these programs are available in other parts of the country, although the company has said it plans to expand in the coming weeks.