October 20, 2021

Google’s Now app for Android, a standalone version of its mobile search engine, is now available to developers, marking the first time it’s been released for developers.

The Google Now app will be available for free to developers in early September, Google said today.

The app will also launch on iOS in late September.

Google Now was originally launched in 2014 and launched to widespread acclaim in 2016, and the service now has more than 7 million active users.

The search giant is looking to bring the app to more platforms and will continue to roll out new features in future updates.

The developer edition will be free to anyone who owns the Android or iOS version of the app.

Google added the developer edition to its Google Play store for $9.99.

Google is offering developers access to a number of features that were unavailable to regular users.

Developers can now create their own custom search engine widgets that are customized to match the look and feel of the existing Google Now interface.

They can also easily share custom search results with friends.

And they can use a variety of custom search queries to generate customized search results that appear more like the real thing, rather than just a simplified version of a real-time search.

Google also added a new “Search” tab for developers to quickly access various search features.

For example, they can search by a person’s name, contact, or a specific location or activity.

Google said that the developer version of Now will also include the ability to create and share custom Google+ content, which Google is launching this fall.