October 27, 2021

Mined gold and platinum are increasingly popular for their value in mining, and now a new marketing discipline is being created.

The Mining Professionals Association is the brainchild of a group of former miners who are now part of the business community.

A member of the association is mining engineer and former federal mining minister Pauline Hanson, who is a member of Goldstream, the nation’s largest mining company.

She said she was drawn to the industry when she met mining engineer David Smith who started the Mining Professioners Association in 2012 to help people understand what mining is about.

“We realised it wasn’t just about gold, but it was about the industry as well,” Ms Hanson said.

“We needed to provide a way for people to get into mining and the process of doing it.”

So we’ve done a really good job at that.

“The association is now set up with a range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, energy and retailing.

It started with the intention of helping people who wanted to become a professional in the industry, but Ms Hanson believes it has gone on to provide an important service.”

It’s about educating the general public, so I think we’re doing a great job in that,” she said.

The Mining and Mining Services Association is set up by the National Mining Council, which is set to be launched in January next year.

It has been in operation since 2014.

The association provides a forum for people in the mining industry to meet, and it has had its share of controversies.

The first of these was the Queensland government requiring people in mining to be registered as a professional, and then in 2017 the union threatened to walk out, citing concerns about safety and the lack of transparency in the profession.

It has also been in the news recently when a Queensland mine worker, Michael Tullis, was found to have been in a labour dispute with the company.

Ms Tulles’ employer, Rio Tinto, has denied all allegations of misconduct.

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