September 4, 2021

More NHL news The National Hockey League is set to unveil a new social media strategy this summer that aims to keep fans engaged and engaged in the sport, while also providing an outlet for fans to express themselves in a way that will appeal to fans and fans’ personal values.

The goal of the new social marketing strategy, which will be announced in the coming months, is to “create a new, more engaged and dynamic hockey fan experience” in the online realm, NHL senior vice president of communications and partnerships Mark Johnson told reporters on Tuesday.

It’s a new concept for the NHL, which has largely struggled to keep a loyal fan base in its current online landscape, which is dominated by social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to the new strategy, the league is also looking to engage with fans on the ice and in the stands by partnering with the National Hockey Players Association, the National Association of State Boards of Elections and the National Basketball Association to stream highlights of the 2017-18 regular season.

The strategy will also involve more direct engagement with fans through digital media, which can be a good way to get the word out about the game, Johnson said.

It can also be a way for fans and players to connect in a more meaningful way, such as with a shared photo or video, which fans will be able to use to interact with each other on social media.

In the past, social media has been used by fans to engage in more personal activities than in the NHL.

Fans have been more inclined to use their social media accounts to vent about their grievances, which helped to spur the league’s recent rebranding as the NHL All-Star Game.

While the new strategies focus on how fans can use social media to connect with the league, it is important to note that the NHL will be continuing to use traditional media channels to communicate to fans about the upcoming season.

The league will also continue to provide its fans with more information on social issues, including its new #SickKids campaign, which aims to encourage kids to take part in physical activity to help reduce childhood obesity and other health issues.

This post was updated on June 18, 2018 to include a quote from NHL senior VP of communications Mark Johnson.