September 4, 2021

I’ve spent the last three months working on my brand marketing, and I’ve come up with an easy, one-page guide that will help you with all of the following: • Make a quick list of the top six or seven reasons why people want to buy from you, and put them in a list.

• Write down what your key messages and marketing tactics are, and how you use them.

• Find out how you can get people to pay more money to buy your products.

• Identify your biggest competitors, and build a list of what they are selling.

• Analyze your competitors’ products and understand why they sell well and sell poorly.

How to use Odu to promote your brand in Canada If you are new to using odu in Canada, you might want to learn about the steps to take.

For more information, check out our guide.

I’ll update this post as more products and services come online.