September 28, 2021

Nourishing our bodies and minds will be our best chance to help save our planet, according to the head of the nursing community.

Speaking to the BBC on Thursday, Dr Stephen C. Murphy said the nursing industry had been slow to embrace the importance of diversity.

“I think we are seeing a lot of progress over the past two years in terms of diversifying the workforce, but we need to do it much faster,” Dr Murphy said.

Dr Murphy also called for more transparency in how the profession was supporting its workforce.

He said a “one size fits all” approach would not be sufficient.

As a first step, he said he would be asking for a greater level of information about what was happening within the nursing organisation.

This is the time for the profession to become more visible in the media, he added.

What is nursing?

Nursing is a profession where patients have a choice between treating them or taking care of them.

Its job is to provide care to people with conditions that can cause long-term damage, such as arthritis, diabetes, respiratory issues, and cancer.

In the United States, the profession ranks first among the top 20 professions in terms the proportion of women and minorities, with an annual number of nearly 12,000.

The UK has a nursing shortage of more than 20,000 nurses, and its NHS currently has a shortage of around 3,000 RNs.