September 20, 2021

In a new report titled “Google’s Dangerous Jobs Search,” a group of academics and experts argues that the search engine’s search algorithm is inherently dangerous.

The experts cite examples of search results that falsely claimed that a person had committed suicide, or that a criminal had committed a crime, or listed a location as a possible target.

Other search results falsely claimed the person had had an abortion, a stroke, or a heart attack, for example.

Some of the search results included the information about the victim’s family, or even the victim himself, in a manner that could be used to harm or embarrass the victim.

The researchers also noted that Google was the first search engine to show a person’s face, even if that person had never spoken publicly.

The researchers wrote that the “dangers” of the algorithm “are not just limited to the malicious intent of the algorithms.”

The group is concerned that Google’s search engine is not just “a bad way to find jobs, but a dangerous way to search,” said Stephen P. Cogdell, a professor at the University of Southern California’s Haas School of Business.

Google’s algorithm has been criticized for making it easier to find fake job listings, or for making hiring decisions based on the appearance of a person, rather than the actual job they actually hold.

The experts wrote that Google could be “using the ‘fake job’ as a way to justify hiring discrimination.”

The report also said that the lack of accountability of Google and other search engines for how it uses its algorithms has created “a culture of deception and deception-making.”

The researchers said that Google has also been guilty of a “pattern of ignoring serious allegations of serious human rights violations by its own employees.”

The researchers said Google has made it harder for victims of sexual abuse to report their abuse, and that it has “used the threat of litigation to silence victims of harassment.”