August 23, 2021

Digital marketing professionals have seen an upturn in the last few years.

In the latest industry forecasts released by market research company Zogby, the number of digital marketing professionals has increased by 15.5 per cent in the past five years to 851,000.

But how are they doing?

Here are some of the questions that are on the minds of digital marketers.1.

How many jobs are available in digital marketing?

The number of jobs in digital media is on the rise, with more and more organisations looking to hire digital marketers in the future.

According to Zog by the end of this year, there will be more than 11.8 million digital marketing jobs across the globe.

But according to the latest survey conducted by digital marketing specialist Fone, a total of 1.5 million digital marketers will not be able to find jobs in the coming years.

“I think the job market is still a bit volatile.

People need to make their decisions based on their personal goals.

If they want to work in digital, they should seek out jobs that are not tied to a specific niche,” said Prakash Singh, head of digital at Fone India.

“I am not optimistic for the digital sector in the long term.

I expect to see the trend continue with a steady increase in the number and quality of jobs,” he added.2.

Are there any jobs that aren’t in demand?

According to a recent survey conducted for marketing software firm Zee in March, a majority of digital job seekers are in the IT and web development industry.

This survey also showed that the proportion of job seekers in the advertising and digital marketing industry has increased significantly from 14 per cent to 21 per cent.

However, a survey conducted earlier this year by the online advertising agency Digital Advertising Alliance showed that only 4 per cent of the job seekers were in the web development and creative development industry, compared to 8 per cent two years ago.3.

Is it all about technology?

While many organisations are looking to shift to the cloud, a few are looking at using digital marketing for other purposes.

According a recent report by digital consultancy and research firm B2B digital agency Deloitte, the majority of companies looking to attract new digital jobs are in India.

The survey conducted in the first quarter of this fiscal year showed that 57 per cent were in India, which is double the number that was surveyed in the previous financial year.

“The industry is expanding, so we have to stay on top of the trends in this market.

We also have to consider the opportunities of digital jobs,” said B2 B Digital marketing agency’s head of India research.4.

What is the future of digital?

According the latest data from the digital agency Zee, the digital jobs market is growing at a rapid pace.

“Digital has grown from around 2.8 lakh jobs to 4.3 lakh jobs.

The sector is set to reach 9.5 lakh jobs by 2021.

In a market where more than 50 per cent people work in jobs related to digital, it is good to see an increase in digital jobs.

However there is a lot more to come,” said Samant, vice president and chief digital officer at Zee India.

Digital employment in India is projected to grow at a rate of 3.8 per cent per annum to reach 18.5 crore by 2021, according to Zee.

“We believe that in India the digital workforce will grow at least 10 per cent a year, and more than 70 per cent by 2020,” said Mr. Singh.5.

How much does it cost?

While there is no exact figure on the cost of a digital job, a recent study conducted by marketing software consultancy firm B1B and consulting firm F2B found that the average salary of a new hire in India can be as low as Rs 2.6 lakh.

According to the research firm, the average annual salary of digital marketers in India at the end last year was Rs 22,000, while it was Rs 34,000 in the UK.6.

What can digital marketers do to stay employed?

According a survey by consultancy firm Deloittles, digital marketer salaries are set to increase by 6.3 per cent from the current year.

In 2017, digital marketing salaries rose by 6 per cent, while salaries in the finance and accounting industry were set to rise by 3.6 per cent during the same period.

“In India, digital marketers are expected to take on many new challenges and have to be ready for any situation that may arise,” said F2 B’s Mr. Chaudhry.

“Our industry is going to be in a long transition and we need to be prepared to meet the challenges,” he said.7.

How long can I stay in digital?

Digital marketing professionals need to take a step back from their digital career.

According a survey released by the digital marketing agency Fone in February, the median time for the completion of digital