August 6, 2021

This is an excerpt from “What to do If You’re Stuck in Traffic and Need Help,” a new book by James Henson.

Henson’s new book is aimed at those looking for a quick, simple solution to traffic-related problems and the advice to help them with that.

For example, one reader who was struggling with traffic was told to stop driving for 20 minutes and get into a game.

Hents is a professional driver, but when he got into the game, he discovered that he was getting stuck on the freeway.

Hentis says the most common reasons drivers can get stuck in the traffic jam are not paying attention, not being aware of the traffic, not following the directions given and not paying close attention to the road.

Henting says that when a driver is paying attention to a roadway, it means they are aware of how far they are from the intersection and where they are going.

And when drivers are not following directions, they are not driving properly.

Hented also says the best thing a driver can do is to stay focused and not allow themselves to get distracted by the traffic.

If you’re frustrated, Hents says you need to take action.

“We need to make sure that when we’re driving that we’re paying attention and we’re actually following the instructions given,” he said.

So what should you do if your traffic jam is getting so bad that you need a distraction?

Hents advises that if you want to get a good fix on your traffic situation, Henson suggests that you pay attention to traffic signs and keep moving.

You should also try to use a navigation app to help you get around your jam-filled commute.

“You should really keep your hands on the wheel, you should always look around and make sure you’re following the road,” Hents said.

If that sounds like a bad idea, you might want to check out a video game that Hents and his co-author David Purdon created called “Traffic Jam.”

It’s based on a real traffic jam.

HENT is also recommending that you make some time to read and practice writing in order to improve your writing skills.

“That’s really important because people are not getting anywhere if they don’t practice writing,” he says.

“And if they’re not practicing writing, they’re just not getting anything done.”

Hent is an instructor at the University of North Texas and has published a number of other books, including “Trailer Park Boys: The True Story of How They Saved America” and “Road to the Top: The Inside Story of the Olympic Gold Medal Games.”