August 18, 2021

The Odu marketing professors who represent Odu’s future business, as well as the students who study in their classrooms, are demanding transparency on their contracts.

The professors want to know what the students are earning, how much they’re getting paid, and what their stipends are.

They want to see the contract details and to see if they’re being paid on time and on budget.

The university said it is working with the professors on a contract that is more inclusive of their needs.

The professors say the Odu contract was designed to allow students to learn more about the world of Odus products, but it doesn’t give them the opportunity to interact with the company.

They also said they were not provided with any information on how much money the students were making and how they were spending it.

They also want more transparency on the stipends they’re receiving, how many days a week they are working and how many hours per week they work.

The contract also doesn’t specify what kind of jobs students are allowed to take on.

Odu CEO Joseph Lhota defended the contract, saying it is an opportunity for students to experience Odu and learn about what the company does.

He also said the contract is meant to help them better understand Odu.

“There are certain things that we don’t want our students to have to worry about,” Lhotic said.

“I’m really confident in the company and I’m very excited about this.”

Lhotic also said that the contract gives students the opportunity for personal growth and learning through the company’s various activities, including learning about their future careers.

“This contract gives them an opportunity to see how the company is evolving, what the future holds and how it relates to them,” he said.