August 25, 2021

A growing number of jobs advertised in job boards are scams, according to a report. 

The Government has set up a taskforce to look at how to detect job-search scams.

It is calling on people to sign up for a free online training and report job-hunting scams to the Government’s Job Seekers Helpline.

The Government says the report is a tool for employers and people who are interested in learning more about the profession.

It says people can find a list of job-seekers in the Report and get tips and advice.

It is also asking people to report job opportunities that seem too good to be true.

But some of the job-seeker websites are offering people to pay up to £5,000 for their jobs to be posted online.

A spokeswoman said: “We understand that many people find the scam detection to be difficult and there are no easy answers.”

The Government is working with the private sector to make it easier for people to find and get the jobs they are looking for.

“However, the Government is also looking at ways to ensure that jobseekers are able to report scams in a more effective and professional way.”

We are also taking action to increase the accuracy of the jobs posts on the Government Job Seekers Helpline and we are working with employers to make sure that they have the right information in their posts.

“The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said it is also working with job boards to help them to prevent job-seeking scams.

A spokesman said: “We take all reports of scams seriously and we take every complaint seriously.”

If a job seeker is offered an offer that appears to be a scam, the employer must be able to confirm that they are not the scammer.””

We want people to be confident about their jobs and this means they should report scams to the Government Job Seeker Help,” he said.