August 7, 2021

“We’ve been in a relationship for five years.

She’s a very, very, experienced businesswoman,” said James, a marketing professional who has been dating his fiancee for two years.

“I’ve been thinking, ‘I hope she doesn’t get any calls, but I’m sorry.’

But she doesn.

I’ve never really had a girlfriend that was as experienced and knowledgeable and so supportive of me.”

James, 33, and his fiancé, 30-year-old Adriana, are planning to get married this year and live together in a house that they’re renovating, but they’re also trying to find out what they should do if they get engaged.

He said they’d like to be able to tell his fiance that he was never really serious about marriage.

“She’s really, really, smart.

She knows that it’s a great deal for her, and it would be a shame if I got married and ended up losing the love of my life,” he said.

James said he’d been dating Adrianna for four years and that she was “a great person” who “is a great businesswoman.”

She’s an expert at what she does, he said, and he’s grateful that he found someone who “can be so supportive.”

“I think that when she sees that I’m happy, I think she’s going to be happy, too,” he added.

In addition to her business experience, James is a certified public accountant, a Certified Public Accountant of the United States (CPA) credential that requires him to have a high-level of knowledge of accounting, tax and financial matters.

He’s also an accountant who has “written for clients like McDonalds, Target and Nike,” according to his website.

He has worked as a personal finance advisor for clients in both the private and public sectors.

His website says he has experience with debt collection and debt repayment.

“This is the first time I’ve actually been married to someone who is a businessperson,” James said.

“And it was such a pleasure to get that from her.”

He said he’s “very open to [Adriana’s] views on life” and that he hopes “she’ll be the one to tell me, ‘No, no, I’m really not serious.'”

But he doesn’t plan to be as supportive as he was with his fiance when he first met her.

James’s fiance said he has “never been one to get too involved in a lot of things,” but he has made a point of saying he’s sorry.

He added that she has “done everything for me.

I don’t know if I could have done more.”

“You just have to be honest with yourself,” James told The Daily Beast.

“If you don’t care, that’s okay, but you have to tell yourself, ‘You don’t have to do this.

You have to let her know.’

If you’re too selfish, that’ll be a problem.”

But he’s also worried that Adrianas reaction to his relationship is going to come back to haunt him if they are married.

“What I’m going to try to do is be as honest with her as possible, and then, in the future, when she does tell me that she wants to be married, that it’ll be really hard to tell her that, ‘Oh, I didn’t really care.’

I’ll probably be hurt,” he continued.

“That’ll be my biggest fear in the beginning.”

In the meantime, James has found a couple of ways to support his fiance.

He and Adrianes first meeting was “really sweet and nice,” but the relationship is over now, he told The Beast.

He doesn’t expect to get back together with her anytime soon, and neither does Adrians parents.

Adriannas mother, who has not commented on James’s situation, told The Associated Press that her daughter is “very well-respected.”

She also added that “she’s a good person, and she’s never really, ever hurt anyone.”

“If she were still married, it would make her feel really bad,” she said.

He believes that James should try to “stay as honest as he can” when he’s in a romantic relationship.

“He knows that he is not perfect,” James added.

“But I think that if you’re married, you don: You can’t do everything, and you have choices.”

James also said that he has always had a good relationship with his parents, who are “good people.”

He added, “My mom is a good mother, she does the right thing, and my dad is a great guy.”