July 24, 2021

Business-related jobs such as marketing, accounting, human resources and administration have traditionally seen job growth in recent years.

However, the role of this role in the economy is being increasingly disrupted.

This is reflected in the fact that there is now a shortage of qualified people who can fill this role.

However in a way, this could also be a good thing for job seekers in this field.

There are currently a growing number of opportunities to become a marketing professional, as more and more organisations are offering their employees this role, such as online platforms, online retailers, job boards and training centres.

The skills that can be gained through these are: understanding the consumer and business trends in a timely manner, analysing customer behaviour, and identifying relevant data.

There is also the ability to apply these skills in other industries such as social media, technology and advertising, and the role that marketing has in these industries is increasing.

According to a recent survey by the Centre for Science and Technology Policy (CSPP), there are more than 7,500 job opportunities in the US alone.

This includes more than 8,600 marketing jobs and more than 6,100 in the marketing and social media sectors.

Career experts from the University of Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Professional Studies say that the market for marketing professionals is growing at a rapid rate, with a total of about 20,000 new positions opening each month.

This could be an opportunity for jobseekers to gain the skills that will allow them to become more effective in their roles.

“A career in the online and digital markets is rapidly evolving and is ripe for the taking,” said David Legg, a professor of marketing at the University.

“Job seekers should take advantage of opportunities such as this to hone their skills, while also learning new skills and becoming better prepared for the future.”

According to the CSPP, the majority of job seekers entering the job market today will need to spend at least a year in this role and the job-seekers will need a “high level of knowledge of marketing and related topics”.

Job seekers should also be aware that there are many opportunities for professional development within the industry, with opportunities to get a job in a marketing consulting, sales or customer service role.

“Many people will want to have a career as a marketing specialist,” said Legg.

“It is an exciting time for people looking to change careers in the digital and online markets, as well as in the physical world.”