July 16, 2021

Search engine giant Google has been working to combat fake news websites, which it has found in the past months, the company said on Monday.

The company has launched a new “Truth and Audience Management” tool to detect fake news sites in the country, which aims to identify websites which are “misleading and misleading”.

“We know the impact fake news can have on consumers, on the internet and on the news cycle, and we are taking every measure to combat it,” Google said in a statement.

“We’re also looking at how we can help our customers detect and remove fake news on the web.”

The goal is to better understand the impact of fake news and to develop better ways to understand what is real and what is not.

“This will help us to better serve users in the future.”

Google said the tool will be rolled out to its users soon, and that it was testing a tool that will let users see a list of websites which have “taken down” fake content.

“People should always look for a genuine news source,” Google’s chief technology officer, Maksim Zakharchenko, said in the statement. 

“If a fake article is found on Google News, it is immediately taken down.

If a site is found to have taken down a fake story, a warning is given and the site is temporarily removed.”

The company added that it had also launched a tool for “identifying and removing” fake news from search results. 

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would also be introducing a new service, called Search Engine Quality Report (SQR), which would allow users to check whether a site had been identified as a fake or a legitimate source.

Google said it had already started testing SQR and it had been used by its users to detect the fake news stories that have emerged on several websites, such as the popular news website The Onion, as well as other fake news outlets. 

Google said that users would also now be able to flag content that is misleading or deceptive. 

It added that a feature called “Fake News Filter” would also help to remove fake content on its platform. 

The new tool will reportedly help users spot fake news, which is what Google calls “misrepresentation and misinformation”.

“When people read articles that are misleading or misrepresenting, they might be suspicious of the sources or their accuracy, but they don’t want to be misled,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. 

In January, Google said that it planned to roll out a new feature to its website called Google Plus, which would be used to highlight stories that were “fake news”.

Google has also announced that there will be a new product in the works, which will be called the “Truthbot” that will help people “make sense of the world around them”. 

Google added that this would help the company improve its “authenticity” with its users.