July 8, 2021

Students in India are working on a new career: marketing.

This is an important career to take up after graduating from college, especially when you are considering getting into an MBA program.

But if you are planning to study abroad or take an internship abroad, this may not be the right opportunity.

Here’s a guide to help you find the right job for you.

The top five jobs in the IT industry are IT, software development, web and mobile applications, digital media and web and app design, and consulting.

Some of these jobs are in IT and some are in the other sectors like finance, insurance, and law.

However, there are plenty of others too.

You may be looking for an entry-level job in the software development industry or you may be interested in getting into the consulting and financial services industries.

So, here’s a list of the best job opportunities in the various fields of IT.1.

Software Developer2.

Software Engineer3.

Software Analyst4.

Software Specialist5.

Networking and Web Engineer1.

Technology Engineer2.

Data Scientist3.


Systems Engineer5.


Data Science2.


Analytics Data Analytics4.


Marketing Data Analytics5.

Marketing Business Development1.

Marketing Finance2.

Marketing Marketing & Product Management3.

Sales & Finance4.

Web & Mobile Advertising5.

Retail Marketing1.

Retail Web Advertising2.

Retail & Digital Advertising3.

Retail Retail4.

Digital Marketing5.

Digital Retail1.

Digital Mobile Advertising2, Mobile Advertising3, Mobile Ads4, Mobile Apps5.

Mobile Apps Mobile Ads1.

Mobile Ads2.

Mobile Advertising 3, Mobile App Marketing4, Android Apps5