A Real Work From Home Opportunity!

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This opportunity is perfect for:

  • Complete Beginners
  • Students
  • Stay at Home Mum and Dads
  • Unemployed
  • Retired
  • Additional Income


Job Opportunity Details:

  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • No Experience Required
  • Full Training Is Provided
  • Full Time Or Part Time (You Choose)
  • Earn As Much As You Want (No Cap)
  • Cash Bonuses Available
  • Get Paid By PayPal or Check/Cheque
  • Get Paid Upon Request
  • A Computer & Internet Is Required



Need EXTRA Income Fast?

We are seeking individuals to work for home – online – Start Immediately!



Job Description:

We are an American based Email Marketing company seeking individuals from all around the world to help us process emails. When you join our reputable SPAM-FREE company this is what you can expect:


  • We will be providing you with daily access to our mailing system.
  • We will be providing you with 100 email clients every day .
  • We pay the best rates in the industry for mailing for us.
  • We pay you via PayPal or by Cheque/check upon your request.



So what do I need to do each day to make money?


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  • We have thousands of email clients that we can’t contact by ourselves.
  • Choose 15 minutes during your day to log into our mailing system.
  • Go to your members page.
  • Select an email from the ten we provide for you.
  • Then go to our mailer and click the option “send to all”.
  • Move down the page.
  • Finally click the “send” button.
  • Our mailer does the rest!



Real benefits of joining our company!

We have thousands of clients we cannot reach each day and this is why we need YOU.

You can start work today – RIGHT NOW.

People from all around the world are joining us every day, it is so easy to join us:


  • No credit checks!
  • No awkward interview process!
  • No background checks!
  • No telephone calls to clients EVER!
  • No cold calling or selling involved!
  • Just work at home and send an email for us each day!

This is such an easy job, now the chances are, you have chosen to visit this website because someone local to you has recommended you to visit us, if that is the case, this means they are already a member and EARNING top wages right now!



Is this just a scam?

Absolutely not – this is a 100% genuine opportunity!

If it was a scam we would not have kept going as we would have been shut down.

Rules and laws in America are very strict with mailing companies.



Isn’t this just sending spam?

Absolutely not, all our clients request contact by us twice!

We ensure they double opt in to receive our email contact.

It is not spam if the client requests our information!



What makes this opportunity better for you?

Each time you send an email, your email client will open it and if they purchase, you earn a percentage of that purchase. When you make 1 sale through your email we will DOUBLE your email contacts each day to 200.



So for example if on day 1 your email send makes a sale:

Day 1 you start by sending 100 emails to 100 clients

Day 2 you send 300 emails to 300 clients

Day 3 you send 500 emails to 500 clients

Day 7 you send 1300 emails to 1300 clients

Day 14 you send 2700 emails to 2700 clients

Day 21 you send 4100 emails to 4100 clients

Day 28 you send 5500 emails to 5500 clients


and so on… can you see that on day 1 you sent an email to 100 clients we give you and then day 2 it increases to 200 a day because you got a sale from your email and then each day your client base rises by 200.

Let’s say on average we provide you with 3000 clients a month to email each day, this is without getting a purchaser and by the end of the year you will be emailing 36,000 clients a day!

When you get a referral purchaser, by the end of the year you will get 72,000 clients a day to email!

After 2 years you will be emailing 144,000 clients a day!

After 5 years you will be emailing 432,000 clients a day!

After 10 years you will be emailing 864,000 clients a day!



So why is this important?

We provide the mailing system you use to email these clients.

We provide the clients.

There is zero risk to you – forever!

You can even encourage someone to join the system to get your emails doubled.

You can refer someone using the link we give you in the members area.

You can refer as many people as you like.

Refer 5 people in any 7 day period and get a CASH SUPERSTAR BONUS!



Who Are We?

We are an American based Email Marketing company, we are extremely professional and very well respected. We have grown this respect through earning our clients a lot of money each month. Our clients earn Recurring Commission every month and they love us for being able to provide them with financial freedom.


Our company is called “MY LEAD GEN SECRET” and we offer people a way to “make money online” from home using our 100% legitimate SPAM-FREE mailing system.


my lead gen secrets

The more referral sales you get or your emails get for you, the more money you earn!

Our 10 email templates are proven to help you get those referral sales!



I am from the U.K. can I do this?

Absolutely YES! although we talk in dollars on our website and your earnings on your member page will show in dollars, this does not matter! We are recruiting people from all around the world and their members pages will still show in dollars. What really matters is when you request payout!




  • At the point you have earned over $30 USD you can request Payout.
  • Once you request Payout.
  • We will pay you by whichever Payment method you chose in your Account Profile.
  • You can choose to be paid into PayPal or by Cheque/Cheque.
  • PayPal will automatically exchange our dollar payment into your currency.
  • You bank will automatically exchange our dollar payment into your currency.


Now when you join us today as a member, it will cost you $60 USD, don’t worry if you are from the UK, we will exchange this automatically into your currency when you purchase your membership to our company, if you are from the UK, this equates to £48 GBP. Then after 30 days you will pay $30 USD (£24 GBP) each month to stay a member.



Why is it $60 USD to start and then $30 USD (£24 GBP) monthly?

To set up your system we charge a one time fee of $30 USD (£24 GBP) and then we charge $30 USD (£24 GBP) monthly to cover the running costs of our mailing system for you to use it daily. The costs are minimal and fare in comparison to your earning potential with us.


As soon as you become a member with us we will provide you with the correct training in High Quality videos provided on each page inside your members area so don’t worry about how difficult it is, this is going to be so, so easy for you to follow and make money from very fast. Your initial setup fee will seem trivial in a very short time, that is for sure.


Remember, each sale your emails make for you is going to pay you EVERY month! the more sales your email makes then the better your payout is going to be each month. Clearly, to start with, you may feel it is taking its time but I can assure you this is a career for you, an Email Marketing career, it can last your whole lifetime if you want it to, your income grows, it will take off and you will be so pleased you joined us.



Now my #1 recommendation for you is:

When you first join, you are going to be offered a chance to get an additional 30 email swipes (templates) added to your members account at half the price. Now currently you will have 10 email swipes (templates) inside your members area for you to use to send to your clients and after 10 days you can either alternate and use them again or, you can get this half price offer and have ALL 40 email swipes (templates).


If you don’t take the half price offer on these 30 email swipes (templates) then that is absolutely fine with us. If you change your mind at a later date you can still access these Master emails at a later date from your members area but remember, they will be Full price then.


My recommendation is to get them for half the price, they are great for getting your sales on autopilot! Remember the emails you send are called (swipes or templates) these are what sells our service to your clients, they work for you so having 40 of them instead of 10 will be hugely beneficial to you.


Watch the video below for inspiration for you to join us. Jim Harmon is from the UK, he earned $9,359 USD in his first 60 days, he shows you proof that joining us was a very smart move on his behalf. After watching the video be sure to click on the Join Now button below the video to get started with us right away.



Jim Harmon, U.K. member – After 60 Days ($9,359 Earned)

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Or Click this link:

==> https://www.myleadgensecret.com/?rid=7600&src=emc


Who Am I Anyway?

My name is James Cavendish, I am 46 years old and I am an email marketer from the U.K. and this is my personal website. I am passionate about email marketing and I have made it my career with My Lead Gen Secret. I welcome you to join me on my journey to earning a minimum of $100,000 a year which is being achieved by people from all around the world.


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You may contact me if you have joined using my Join Now button or if you have any questions about this new career, I am always available to help and support you through to success like my other students.


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Or Click this link:

==> https://www.myleadgensecret.com/?rid=7600&src=emc



My Telephone Contact Number is: (+44) 01392 975808

My personal email address is:  james@emailmarketingcareer.com

My Instagram page is: @emailmarketingcareer

You will see I have over 16,000+ followers on Instagram

My LinkedIn business profile is: @emailmarketingcareer

You will see I have over 19,000+ followers on LinkedIn